One More Cast Guide Service - 850-584-9145

I fish up to 3 people from a 21 ft. Parker center console 8.5 ft. beam boat. We drift the open gulf grass flats and cast live and artificial baits under floats on light tackle 10 lb. test spinning outfits. Specialized "Artificial Only" trips are available upon request.

The price includes ALL the following:

  • all bait, gas and ice
  • hooks, lines, rods and reels and all necessary baits lures, etc.
  • cleaning, filleting and bagging of all your fish

YOU should bring:

  • Your food and drink, packed, iced down in YOUR cooler for the day
  • Your hat and POLARIZED sunglasses and your sunscreen

Please, NO Glass containers or bananas on board One More Cast!

I fish six-hour trips in order to place your trip in the best period of the day. We have four six-hour tides a day and I place your six hour trip inside the daylight incoming tide. My starting times are moved accordingly. I often fish a bit longer if we don't have our fish in the six hour trip. I prostaff for Star Aerial Reels, Star Rods, Saltwater Assassin, Precision Tackle (Cajun Thunder,Thunder-Spins, Intruder Spoons) ClarkSpoons, Trik Fish Line, MirrOlure and Bite-A-Bait, so I keep my tackle in tip-top shape. Remember, I also clean, fillet and bag your fish free of charge!