Keaton Beach Report september 12 2016

Keaton Beach Fishing Report September 13, 2016

It is a sad experience for me to drive down the canal at Keaton Beach and see the Marina bulldozed to the ground. Many happy memories go with KBM as I have worked from there while five different owners ran the marina. My special thanks to Travis, Faye and Sandy Beach who took a flailing business and turned it into a community asset which everyone who visited or fished from were delighted to have experienced. I have missed that sense of "community" at Keaton Beach for a few years now and yet am proud to have been just a little part of that place.
By the way my business is Great, the fishing is even better and everything is supposed to be up and running at the County Ramp after this week or perhaps a little sooner; maybe by the weekend if the weather would just cooperate a little.
I took Terry Revels of Tifton, Ga. out with me scouting, Monday and in 3 hours, while I caught bait, he landed four trout to 23.5 inches and we never went any further than Jabo. Terry was fishing with live pinfish under a Back Bay in 4 - 4.5 feet of water on the last of the falling tide. Billy Pillow and I fished an hour or so before the rain storm hit Tuesday and Billy had a nice keeper trout and a 20" red.
I have had a couple of reports from areas on the Taylor County coast where folks were also catching trout since the storm, so as soon as the ramp is operational fishing should be Great. I saw water temps of 85-87 degrees Monday.