Keaton Report April 7-8 2017

KBF report 4.7-8/17

Careful what you wish for.....been wanting some color in the water for over a month and it appears it will all come in a fell swoop, what with 3 - 9 inches of rain, depending on where in the county you were combined with this week's b-l-o-w of Northwesters ( forecast to kick 30 knots in the teeth tonite Wednesday) should produce all the "color" we might shouldn't have asked for.

Well, on the proviso that all that happens.... it should be easy to predict what to do this weekend....One, find the color of water that you think the trout can actually find your bait in. In other words rig your favorite Assassin soft plastic or Gulp on a light, say 1/16oz. jighead, then tie that 2 - 3 feet under an Original Cajun Thunder. ( you will most likely need the noise, and need to hold it still for the trout to find it) O.K. now ease it in the water next to the boat and if you can't see your bait ...move the boat! Then drift from the "right" color to "too much" color and expect your bite to be in between. YOU will be moving pretty fast ( NOAA says) 'til Sunday anyway.

We had been catching plenty of trout and reds on live pinfish rigged 32" under our Back Bay Thunders until this blow hit and will keep trying it the rest of the week. Don't be surprised if artificials or cut bait outshine live pinfish in w-i-n-d-s over 20 knots. That is my experience, as many times there just isn't enough light for the pinfish to "flash" his bling. when it is blowing 20+ Knots! Assassins 5"shads in Alewife, White or Limetreuse will be my color choices as I doubt the rest of them will be seen in 20 knots. The belly side of a pinfish strip ( "shiner tails" the locals call them) will be HOT if there are ballyhoo present. Don't spend much time in any one place as if it's on it will be ON move till you hit it. BIG trout love this kind of weather as do I.

Our One More Cast trout had been in 3 - 3.5 feet for the last two weeks while the reds were caught in less than 2.5 ft. and ate live pinfish right on.

Jonathon Sisson was down this week with his wife and they have caught a limit of trout, three trips in a row, when I last heard from him. Jonathon caught his trout on a MirrOdine and a hard jerkbait.

This report is from David Bosch of Tifton, "Fished with Peng and Calvin (Chee) from Tifton and Max Frazier from Minnesota on the 2nd. Finished with a limit of trout, a couple of sea bass and a Spanish. We caught our fish on a combination of jigs/plastics and pin fish under Cajuns. We had our best success in 5.5 - 4.5' on the rising tide in the afternoon. Until the wind came up it was pretty tough. Managed a couple in the 20" range, but most were just legal. Calvin loves to use a white curly tail grub that is actually made for bass. But he always catches fish on it. He's a fishing machine. I tried an assortment of colors but the only one I had success on was the 'large paddle tail' Elite shiner that I believe I got from you." sorry, Don't know what color that was folks; but when I do they will be shifted to another one.