1689 Slade Williams of Dallus, Ga. with a great 23.5" trout taken 5/13/17

Keaton Beach Fishing report May 19 - 20 2017

Water temperatures have moved back up to 81+ degrees as of mid-week and trout have responded nicely as evidenced by our 15 trout Tuesday with 3 over 20" for Laura and Aaron Gavronsky of St. Augustine, Fl. We caught fish on almost every cast for over 3 hours with plenty of shorts and catfish mixed in with the trout. Laura caught a keeper redfish and had one around 24" follow her hooked trout to the boat several casts earlier in the drift. We caught this nice box of trout from waters 3.5 - 4.5 feet deep on live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders. We started at 12:00 noon and our bite was on as soon as we stopped the first time. The Southwest w-i-n-d combined with the incoming tide was the key to our success.

This report from Dave Bosch of Tifton, Ga. who fished all week from Sunday May 7 to Saturday May 13 with his pal Bil Gburek of North Carolina, Peng Chee of Tifton,Ga. joined them for two days and another friend (sorry I don't have his name) fished with them Friday. They had their limits each day and caught at least one red each day; then three reds when Peng was down and released 7 on one of those days. The reds have been out away from the rocks and bars and hitting on the first hour of the falling tide.

"We had some very good fishing most days once the wind started to pick up. We caught some very nice trout and some solid reds to go with it. Not the 28" trout we'd all like to catch, but some solid 20"+ fish. We caught the majority of our trout in 4.5 - 5' and had our best bites on the beginning of the fall, but that may have been because that's when the wind got up and the water had warmed. We had some exceptional trout fishing on Saturday during the blow. While we tried a wide variety of artificials that will typically pick up fish in May, nothing beat the real thing. ( live pinfish under Cajuns)

Report May17,18 2017