Keaton Report August 4 ,5 2017

doug hardegree25" Sow!

doug hardegree25" Sow!

1849 Doug Hardegree of Atlanta, Ga. with a Great 25" trout caught July 27

Keaton Beach Report 8/4,5/17

Trout fishing was Grand! my last trip out, Wednesday with Jim, Mike and Doug Hardegree as we caught 17 trout and a 14" Black Sea Bass for Mike who caught it on an Assassin 5" Fried Chicken pattern along with two other trout close to 19" each on the same color. Mike also caught two trout on Candy Corn Sea Shads, one 20" long. Mike was bouncing these two baits with a 1/8 oz. chartreuse Assassin jighead. But our Big Trout of the trip for the Hardegree boys was Doug's 25" 5.1 pound trout caught on a live pinfish rigged up 34" under a Back Bay Thunder. We were over a mile and a half off the hill when he got his sow trout in 4.5 feet of water. It was around 3:00 p.m. at the hottest time of the day in water which was 89 much for this "early and late" program you read so much about. Matter of fact the last three trout over 24" caught in the last three weeks on One More Cast charters were caught in the middle of the day. Tide overrides time, light and temperature.

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