Keaton Report September 15-16, 2017

Keaton Report 9// 15/16 //17

Recommend you give it a day or so to settle down as ALL the water was "gone" just prior to Irma's passing through, as in out of sight or the "Mexican's took the water back, we must missed our payment" etc. etc. Usually this phenomenon only occurs in February with a 25+ knot East wind added to a new moon lo lo tide and the water "disappears" Well, this time Irma's power pushed it out.

Reports of the "surge" forecast are "Nope" as the NWS missed it this time; there was none, NADA zero. The water went out out of sight then never even came back to normal hi tide.

This is GREAT for Keaton Beach property owners and Keaton Beach anglers alike.

Fish should ( have to) be all bunched up together as they move back toward the flats. Once you find the "bite" it should be grand as these fish come back from their "evacuation"

Expect dirty water or at least in areas near the rivers and creeks as the rain outflow back into the Gulf should be turbid while offshore it may be surprisingly clear as an East w-i-n-d pushes all the "color" offshore only to be replaced by cleaner water on the subsequent incoming tide.

Maybe the floating grass is gone now? If so pluggers especially the topwater enthusiasts will be happy and tossing all sorts of stickbaits and jerkbaits at the trout.

When, I get back in the water I will clue you in on the fishing.