keaton report June 1 -2

Trout were still biting our baits out  in 6 feet of water last I looked ; which would have been Friday before the BLOW. I took Jim and Mike Hardegree  from North Ga. out and we had no breeze for the entire incoming tide and managed only a sand trout and a BSB on Assassin Butt Naked Sea Shads bounced . When we finally got a little w-i-n-d we caught seven trout with two over 20”  on live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders in 6.5 ft. of water.  But the most incredible bite of the day was the first pinfish Jim threw out which drew an 8 ft. plus tiger shark which ate his pinfish then headed straight for the boat with his mouth open, like he was starring in a Peter  Benchley novel, and then I saw the fish under him , a 7ft long dark shape and I said as I saw it “Look at the one...that’s a cobia !! !!! sure ‘nuff all 70 – 80 pounds of him dwarfed somewhat by the girth of the tiger but almost as long . It was the largest cobia I have seen on the flats in 29 years of guiding. and as soon as we tried to get a bait to him they were gone but not before swimming right by the boat as if to say na na na na Naayyy  you can’t catch me. WHEW! WHAT A MONSTER!


No reports since except to say we were real lucky in Keaton Beach and Steinhatchee as there was no surge with ole Alberto and no damage ( as far as I have heard) from high water at least. I would expect the fish are fine and happy to have a little murky water in spots thanks to the rains.


I’ll be out there catching them on Friday as you read this.