Keaton Report 11/2-3-/18

Well the trout had settled down a bit after that last front as of Sunday and Monday for Billy Pillow and Seth Harper of Perry, Fl.

who caught 10 trout on live pinfish under Back Bays in 3 – 5 feet of water.

Tuesday, Terrell Smith joined them and the lack of breeze took the bite away from them as they landed 6 trout and 7 bsb . Half of the fish came in on Assassin’s chartreuse and white Sea Shads under an Original Cajun Thunder. and half took live pinfish under Back Bays.

Now the catch(es) of the day were two reds over 40” both caught by Seth, one, on a live pinfish; then one over an hour later ( and two miles away) caught on Assassin’s NEW chartreuse and white Sea Shad under a Cajun Thunder.

Water temps had come back up around 70 – 72 degrees but the front this weekend will likely send it back down in the 60’s.