May 31-June 1, 2019

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blake bass

blake bass

2855 Blake Bass( 5 Y.O.) with his first – ever speckled trout 5/28/19

Keaton Report May 31, June 1 2019

Trout fishing couldn’t get any better than last week as I had limits on all my charters despite Gulf water temps from 86 in the a.m to 88.5 degrees in the afternoons.

Saturday was the exceptional day with a limit of 20 trout for Zack Cook his brother Nick from Woodstock , Ga. and Nathan Alexander of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We caught 7 trout over 20” kept a 26”, 25”, 23.5” and a 22” trout.

We caught the two largest in 2.4 ft. of water 88.6 degrees HOT while looking for redfish. Zack took top honors with the 26” fish which weighed right at 6 pounds! Oh it only took 3 hours to land our 20 trout. We had 8 bsb which I mostly caught on Stinky Pink Sea Shads along with my trout. The crew used live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders to land the balance of trout in 5.5 – 6.5 feet of water.

We had a keeper cobia Tuesday for Clark Bass with our 20 trout again all on live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders.

here is a report sent to me via email from Mark Moneyhan of Perry, Florida. :

Mark Moneyhan and his grandson Mark Alan Bray of Perry fished Monday between Bird Isle and Fish Creek Bird Rack in a 9 t. deep hole . “At 10:00 a.m. top of the hi tide we caught 7 keeper trout 16” –19“ & 4 black Sea Bass and released 6 short trout. When we cleaned the fish we found a seahorse in one of the bsb’s stomach. All the fish were caught on a Gulp New Penny 3” crawfish on a 1/6 oz. Redlead head jighead. You could title this report { “Grandfather and Grandson catch Seahorse on a Crawfish”}

I don’t see any reason why the deeper water patterns will change in the next few months as summer is obviously here. I had reports from several boats who caught trout in 8 –10 feet of water with a variety of methods including but not only; live shrimp, Gulp bounced, Assassin plastic bounced, Z-man bounced, and ‘Jigs under Corks” So if you are still in 3-5 feet .......Move out.