Keaton Beach Report March 1 – 2

Trout fishing doesn’t get much better’n this! Certainly not in February! I had limits for my charters six out of seven days from Saturday to Saturday.( oh yeah, I didn’t go Thursday last week) Friday we had two over 20” including a 24”, 4+ pound trout in the creel for Sam Shaw of Homerville, Ga. Saturday my crew of Charles and Allen Dodd of Quitman, Ga. caught their limit in an hour and two minutes, from 12:24 ‘til 1:26 p.m. This was 9 y.o. Allen’s first-ever trip to the Gulf for trout and reds and he caught both on live shrimp under Back Bay Thunders from 2.5 – 3.5 feet of water. We also took a slew of shorts. We also caught trout on Assassin’s Stinky Pink and Glow /green tail Sea Shads both bounced and fished under the Original Cajun Thunders.

I spoke to several boats who limited out including one couple from Jacksonville, Fl. who caught their fish on MirrOlure’s Top Dog Juniors (Clear/Gold) including a 26” fish for their best of the day! Many folks fished Catch 2000”s, MirrODines , Soft Dines, Cordell Redfins, and a myriad of Assassin plastic including Butt Naked, Pink Ghost, Limetreuse Ghost; to name but a few. Hard jerkbaits were also taking trout.

Redfish have eaten Gold and Copper HEX spoons, on board One More Cast this past week as well.

Gulf water temps went from 59 degrees last Saturday to 71 degrees this week! It’s on! Hope you get a chance to go.

HEY! Don’t Forget to come by and catch one of my free seminars: Saturday, March 2 at the Tallahassee Regional Boat Show, at the fairgrounds. I will be speaking at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the Coastal Angler Tent. Come by and pick up some tips or learn more about fishing on the Big Bend Gulf coast for trout and reds.