keaton beach report February 17, 18 2017

Keaton Beach Fishing Report February 17-18 2017

Hey, not much going on but the w-i-n-d ...I did talk to Capt. Dave Malone who fished a couple hours, Tuesday, and landed three nice trout to 18" on Assassin's NEW Salty Snack in the Pink Ghost pattern. Dave said he found a little stain and was in 3 - 3.5 feet of water.

I just don't have any other reports except to say the tides are dismal this weekend at Keaton with less than a foot of range and that on a falling tide..Yikes

Mark Your calendars, and better yet; come to see me, Next weekend in Tallahassee, at Bass Pro Shops, 1:30 pm. each day Saturday and Sunday, February 25th and 26th; during their Spring Classic Sale. I'll be giving a free seminar on Trout and Redfish on Artificials. I will field questions from the audience as well as solve most of the mysteries as to why most folks can't or don't do so well when fishing plugs, and plastic for trout and reds. I'll discuss jigs, spoons, jig spinners, stickbaits, hard jerkbaits, soft jerkbaits, suspending hard and soft plugs and How-To's on subjects you can't imagine. See you there!