Keaton Report February 24, 25 2017

Keaton Beach Fishing report February 24, 25, 2017

Trout Fishing has been on again, off again; depending on which day you went and what time you fished.

Capt. Dave Malone, Billy Pillow and I went last Friday and caught nothing for three hours, then in an hour and 15 minutes landed five keepers to 21" on a variety of soft plugs. Billy had two keepers on the Paul Brown Devil in a couple of colors, then Capt. Dave caught two on Assassin's New Salty Snacks in the "Brown Bomber" color and I had top honors this trip with a 21" trout caught on the Soft-Dine in the 09 pattern.

We threw all sorts of hard plugs, Bite-A-Baits, Renegades, Cordell Redfins, Catch 2000's, Catch Juniors, and MirrOdines in 2 - 3 feet of water earlier in the day only to find our bite later, on top of the Hi tide, in 4.0' > 3.5' of water. Couldn't say why they were waiting until then to bite; but that was when it was going on.

It took a 4.5 pound trout from David Crews of Perry, Fl. to win the largest Trout in Fiddler Crab Tournament Saturday in Steinhatchee. A little mouse said the top fish came from up Keaton Beach way, up close on the grass line. Sorry, I don't have the full results?

Heard that it was tough for several guides for several days running out of Steinhatchee and if you looked at the tides last week it's no wonder.

This weekend holds a better range with over a four foot swing in the lo to hi tides so there should be a much better "bite" with the better flow of water surrounding the New Moon of this weekend.

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