March 10-11 2017 report

Keaton Beach Fishing Report March 10,11 2017

Trout are trying to come back into their own after taking an 11 degree hit (drop) in water temperature in four days.

Biggest problem is the lack of w-i-n-d . Billy Pillow and I fished for five hours in slick conditions to land only 4 keeper trout 2 ( Billy ) on a hard jerkbait, and I had one on a live shrimp under a Back Bay and one on an Assassin five inch shad in the Limetreuse Ghost pattern. These fish were close in around the rocks and bars less than 300 yds. from the grass line and came in on the incoming tide. When the tide flipped I pulled out into 5 - 6 feet and caught a dozen shorts on mostly 5" Limetreuse Ghost bounced on a 1/8 oz. jighead, with a few on the Electric Shad Elite Shiner. No keepers mixed in with that crowd I'm afraid.

Wednesday, I took Bob and Ginny Vose of North Carolina out and we managed 8 keeper trout to 21 inches ( Ginny) on live pinfish and live shrimp under a Back Bay Thunder. Bob took the larger of two reds, we kept, on a lipped hard jerkbait. All of these fish were in less than 3 feet of water. There was no breeze for the entire incoming tide; and Man is the water clear or what? I can't remember it ever being this clear in March all the way to Big Spring Creek. Tough with no breeze, a mile-high sky and super clear water.

Hoping for a breeze and some rain this weekend to stir things up....Tides are improving with the full moon on Sunday. Water temps were back up to 69 degrees, Wednesday late, after hitting 60 degrees early Tuesday morning and down from a 72 degree hi last week.