Keaton Report March 3, 4 2017

Keaton Beach Fishing report March 3, 4 2017

Billy Pillow, David Malone and I went Friday in the 20 Knot North w-i-n-d-s and Dave and I watched Billy catch all the trout ( on live shrimp under a Back Bay) while the tide was coming in. He was 3 for 3 on the first three casts! Dave caught a nice keeper on Assassin's New Salty Snack ,again on the "brown bomber" pattern ( pumpkinseed green tail) I believe they call it. I threw 25 -30 plugs, soft plugs and plastic while Billy continued to catch fish until he had 8 and a 4 pound Spanish { yep in February in 66 degree water?} and Dave, one trout.

Well the tide shifted and finally started out and I caught three trout, all short, on a Catch 2000 then decided to catch some pinfish and Billy swapped three for three trout with two keepers , then Capt.. Dave caught a nice keeper on a pinfish. Well I put three baits out and caught three trout; a keeper and two shorts and we had our limit so we came in. The incoming fish were in 3.0 > 3.5 ft. while the outgoing bite was deeper with 4.0 - 4.5 ft serving up the trout.

Had a great time at Bass Pro Shops over the weekend. A Great Big "Thanks" and a shout-out to all my friends who came out to see me and to all my new friends who also came by.