Keaton Report July 21

andrew ackert first-ever speck

andrew ackert first-ever speck

1836 Recent FSU Doctorate graduate, Andrew Ackert of Tallahassee with is first ever speckled trout

Keaton Beach Report July 21 - 22

Trout continue to take live pinfish under Cajun Thunders and Back Bay Thunders from 4.5 - 7 ft. of water. Catch a breeze to catch a trout; otherwise it is tough for most folks without the added current and oxygen associated with the same. Fish in the incoming tide and an hour of the fall for best results at Keaton. All the rain of late will cool the water off slightly near the hill, but will also move fish away from the grass line.

Floating grass has made it very difficult to try and throw any artificials much less plugs with two or three treble hooks on it. If you must toss artificials use Intruder Hex II weedless spoons in Gold, Copper and Cajun Copper for trout and reds in shallower water near the creek mouths.

Scallopers should look south, below Dallus Creek, and remember to Fly Your Dive Flags! It's the LAW!