not sure what to call this?

recently there has been a Facebook page created by someone called "Keaton Beach Fishing Reports" which is great,  just not my page,  not my report and quite frankly, since I am too busy to learn how to use , not going to be posting my weekly reports there....unfortunate but true.

I am writing this because I have had at least three folks asking me to allow them to join this page/site whathaveyou and I am not the administrator of this creation despite it looks great.

I you wish to receive"my" weekly fishing report on the day I write them, usually on Wednesday, then you MUST email me ( remember emails) at and ask to be added to the " Keaton Beach Group" that way I have your email address to add to the group. thanks

Alas, I can't tell you how to join the Facebook Page "Keaton Beach Reports" as I don't do facebook anymore

they are way too pushy, difficult and arrogant for my tastes. maybe in another life.

Meanwhile Good Fishing to you all!

Pat McGriff