Keaton Report August 25-26, 2017

Keaton Beach Report 8/25-26/17

Went by myself Wednesday and fished just under 3.5 hours 'til the top of the incoming. I caught a trout on my second cast then an hour later caught number two of five trout to 19" all taken on live pinfish rigged up 34" under a Back Bay Thunder. Hung two blacktips didn't boat either, and missed a few no see-ums. Decided to move in to 4 feet of water to look for a Rock Eating Devil ( you can figure that out eh?) and decided to catch a few fresh pins as I had been using some from my holding pen which were a few days worn. Well I caught one held it and caught another then cast out one rod and it went under as soon as I put the rod in the holder. As I cast the second bait he "Willy Mays" it ( caught it on the fly) and a huge swirl enveloped the bait and Thunder right as it hit the water. Well, I had already put that rod in the holder before it hit the water and picked up the first one and set the hook into something "solid" as the Yankees say. Rock Eating Devil I thought. Yep, just as I saw my hooked up fish was an over-slot fish the bait rod ( which consists of a #14 hairhook and a piece of chicken gizzard) dragging along behind me, sounded off and laid to the water. I turned around just in time to see another Rock Eating Devil over 45" long had eaten the pinfish which was munching on my gizzard as we drifted through this "school/mob/bunch" of slobs and was headed to Cancun with it. That first fish was already halfway there and had taken most of the line off the spool so I decided to move that rod to the other side of the boat (towards Cancun) just to help him out. Something misfired in that snap decision transaction between switching holders and holding the other hooked fish off the motor as it dove under the boat ( don't they just love to do that?) POW line broke on number one. I netted the second fish, a 30" red and looked up to see the bait rod pop back upright as the 3rd hooked fish either "Let Go" a phrase my clients like to use ) or simply tore the tiny little hook out of it's mouth. Score: Reds 2 Pat1 Anybody want to guess where that group of fish will be tomorrow?