Keaton Report Labor Day weekend

Keaton Report Labor Day Weekend 2017

Billy Pillow and I went Wednesday and had 9 trout to 21" ( Billy) and two reds to 26,5 " ( Billy again) matter of fact those were the first two fish we caught. e fished live pinfish under Back Bays in 5.5 -6 feet of water to catch all the fish but the big red which came out of a school of 200-300 redfish I ran up on leaving 4 ft. of water. That is the first school of reds I have seen in some time although others this week have reporting seeing several schools of reds down south as well.

We only fished 4.5 hours of the falling tide and never saw a fish break the surface.

I would expect this weekend to hold good fishing away from the scalloping folks.

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