Keaton Report august 17-18 2018

Keaton Report August 17-18 , 2018

Trout have been more cooperative this side of the dark stain, as I sent Jimmy Douglas down to waters below Yates and he managed a limit for he and his partner down from Homerville, Ga. last week using Assassins under Cajuns.

With that info under my belt Billy Pillow and I fished in the stained water up north of Warrior, for over 4 hours Friday, only to have our baits die of exhaustion until I finally moved back down this side of Adams Beach and lo and behold on 6 baits we caught four trout and 2 houndfish before the rain front ran us back to Keaton.

Sunday, the 12th, Skipper Zimmerman of Macon, Ga. emailed me  “ tomorrow North 5.5’? “ where upon my answer was to be “Stop between Adams and Yates 4.5’ – 6.5” then I sent “Any Good?” Monday evening; Skipper’s reply : “5.5’ where you said, weather ran us in 4:30 p.m. Skipper and crew were tossing pinfish under Back Bays and Cajuns.

All I got this week except, “dang it will it ever stop raining?”