keaton report august 10-11

george Thurman with his grandma Gail Gavin holding his fish

george Thurman with his grandma Gail Gavin holding his fish

Keaton Report 8/10,11/18

Better morning incoming tides with the New moon should produce better boxes of trout this weekend as the tide was falling throughout the day last weekend.

I had Gail Gavin of Perry with her Grandson George Thurman III  out Sunday and we fished a falling tide and almost no breeze; yet bested 8 trout and one Black Sea Bass fishing in 5.5 – 6.5 feet of water. This was George’s first-ever trip out on the Gulf and this six-year-old caught a 24” trout weighing just under 5 pounds. We also had a 23” trout in the cooler. The fish were fickle and we would catch only one a stop, like last Saturday, due to the too-little breeze situation. Our best drift of the trip brought in 4 of the trout with the best breeze accompanying the drift. We fished live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders to land our fish.

Saw a bunch of ballyhoo probably pushed out and south due to the rainfall of late. Didn’t see anything feeding in them; but the water had less than a foot of visibility where the most bait was. We caught our fish in dark stained water with approximately 24” of visibility. If you must fish plastic shorten your leaders under your Original Cajun Thunder to less than the visibility or else don’t expect the trout to be able to find your offering.