keaton report July 27 -28

The trout were biting well Wednesday, as I fished an hour and had 4 catfish back-to-back then caught and released a 24” trout and then another cat( all over 5 pounds each); then kept a 21” red for supper a 21 “ all in 4.5 ft.

So I moved out to 6 ft. and caught a limit of 5 trout and released another red in just under 45 minutes time. The water was so dark you couldn’t see the pinfish in my livewell in 4 ft. then about half that dark out in 6 ft.

Perfect ...gotta love that color.  Oh the 21” red had 11 spots. And yes I caught them all on live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders ...thanks for asking..... I saw more ballyhoo up in 4 ft. than I have all year; maybe corralled by the too-fresh water towards the hill?