Keaton beach August 3 -4 report 2018

photo cutlines:

2458 Jamie Giles of Phenix City , Alabama with a redfish caught July 26

david hall

david hall

2463 David Hall of Jax, Fl. with a 21” trout one of 15 caught July 27

Keaton Report  8/3,4/18

Trout fishing has been very good of late with limits caught on three trips in a row on board my One More Cast charters. The full moon, Friday last, made for strong tides and great fishing.  The water was stained such that I couldn’t see our baits under the Thunders over 18” deep. The catfish were a plague when the breeze wasn’t blowing, especially on Saturday.

We had 15 trout for Jamie and Logan Giles of Phenix City, Alabama Thursday, July 26 with two reds as well.  we had two trout over 20” long. We fished 5.5 – 6.5 feet of water to catch the trout and moved in to 4.5 ft. for the reds.

All our fish ate live pinfish and pigfish under Back Bay Thunders. I saw more rain minnows ( hatch from some specie as yet unidentified) than I had seen of any whitebait all year Thursday.

Friday, I took David Hall of Jacksonville out with his son-in-law Josh Hayden of St. Augustine, Fl. ( both first time out with me) and we had a Great trip and brought in a fine box of trout including a 27” monster trout for David ( his largest-to-date) The Sow trout weighed 6.4 pounds and ate a 2” pigfish under a Back Bay Thunder in 4 feet of 89.8 degree water at 2:00 p.m., ( So much for the Yankee outdoor writers who think trout are all cooling it in spring-fed creeks or out in deep water or in a trough or hole somewhere and only bite early and late in the day when it is Hot summertime) We also had one redfish, yet lost a red approximately 35-40 inches long out 2 miles offshore while drifting a flat. Live pins and pigfish were the ticket again.

Saturday, I took Robert and Charles McLeod of Valdosta, Ga. out and we brought in their limit of trout and had one red again. The bite was slow with a single trout each drift/stop  from 5.5 – 7 ft. of water and then when I decided to move in to 4.5 ft. and look for a redfish; we landed 4 trout and one red on the last drift of the day which ended :30 after the hi tide.