Keaton Report April 12 –13

Well as predicted, the fishing just got better and better as the water warmed up. Thursday last the water temp in the Gulf was 70 degrees in the morning when we went out. We caught limits each day with trout to 23” for Steven Cook of Dallus Ga. with Matt Williams and his son Steve from South Carolina. We brought back 19 Saturday with three over 20” . The FOG was tough all morning and we managed 9 trout then had 3 hours with out a bite. at 4:01 we caught a good trout maybe 18”, the next was Steven’s 23” sow . Well, we caught 8 more, for ten total, in an hour and 8 minutes . Quit at 5:09 p.m.

We fished live pinfish under Back Bay Thunders all week in 3.5 – 4.0 ft. while I caught some good trout myself on Assassin’s Sea Shads in Stinky Pink, and Glow /Chartreuse tail.

Jonathon Sisson and his wife continued to limit out Thursday and Friday and caught a 24” trout on a She Dog Friday a.m. ( daylight) and had 10 –15 more keepers after they limited out on a 7M MirrOlure. He said it was the most fun they’d had on the water in a long time.

Doug and Janine Garwood of Dalton, Ga. continued to throw ole Walmart plugs at the trout and had their limit each day Thursday through Monday of this week. Doug said the w-i-n-d Monday made for the best trip with several over 20” including a 24” and two 23” trout.

I expect it will just continue to be good if the weather will set things up rather than knock them down. Water temps were back up around 73 degrees Monday evening.