Keaton report April 5 – 6 2019

Up and down up and down so goes the yo-yo so goes the trout bite.

Sunday Billy and I caught a limit of trout in under an hour . Monday my charter struggled against the w-i-n-d and rain to get 3 keeper trout in the boat .cold cold cold.’

Tuesday Morning still cold and the water temps had dropped to 63 degrees down from 73 degrees Sunday afternoon. Yikes but after 4 + hours we had only two trout and a flounder in the boast ...but when the water hit 55 degrees that afternoon ( 4:00 p.m.) the trout turned on for us all. We brought in 16 trout in under an hour and a half . We caught 12 on plugs and Assassin Sea Shads under a Cajun Thunder with four on live pinfish under a Back Bay. Here are two more quick reports which happened the same day.

first, from Jonathon Sisson, down from Gainesville Ga. fishing with his wife( sorry forgotten her name) “ We went out at 10 a.m. At 2 had 4 keepers. Came in, had lunch and took a break. Went out at 4 finished our limit by 6. Top fish 22.5” “

from Doug and Janine Garwood of Dalton, Ga. “ we finished our limit around 4:30 caught a few in 4.5 ft. on BBB early, after the tide flopped we decided to move in shallow and in no time had a limit once the water got 64.5 (degrees) in 2.7 feet of water.”

Wednesday was altogether different with too little breeze and we struggled to land 12 keepers for 7+ hours all on live pins under Back Bays with one fish on a plug.