Keaton Report December 8 –9 2018

55 degrees is tough to fish when it is the first time they have been that cold since last winter.

57 was the turning point , or should I say “turn on” point last Friday when I had the McCulloughs from Tennessee out and we fished 6 hours for three fish then in less than an hour we put 10 in the boat and threw back two dozen more. We couldn’t get a bite for three hours. tough... We caught our trout on MirrOdines, Catch 2000’s Assassin’s 5” un-weighted on a 5/0 Daiichi offset worm hook and some on live shrimp under a Back Bay Thunder. The afternoon bite was in 3 – 3.5 ft. of water and was triggered by the current of the incoming tide. All morning the w-i-n-d was opposing the outgoing tide and keeping the necessary oxygen out of the equation, then when the two got together it was on.

This midweek’s cold snap will further hamper the bite on the open gulf; but should move trout towards the larger spring–fed creeks . Paul Brown originals , Devils and Fat Boys will take trout now as will the Soft-Dines and MirrOdines. S-l-o-w is the key when water temps drop below 55 degrees.