Keaton Report December 21 –22

Short and sweet!

Trout are biting, Water temps are 60 – 62 degrees this past weekend and first of the week.

Trout are responding to lipped hard jerkbaits, suspending baits , Candy Corn Sea Shads by Assassin and a few on shrimp under Cajuns.

The forecast of ever-warming air temperatures; mid 70’s through Christmas and beyond, looks like a fantastic time to go fishing.

Here is a report from Bob Pennington who fished with Jack Turner , both from Warner Robins, Ga. Saturday through Monday.

“Fish Report yesterday..water temp 62! ( Sunday now) Started fishing at 12:30, limit in 1 hr. in 2.5 to 3 ft. All on Redfins above Dekle. Caught a lot of fish above Dekle until 1 hr. before dark.”

”Fished 3 days, cleaned limit each day with 2 over 20” each day. 80 keepers over 16" on clicker. Last 2 released this morning was a 19" and 25". Most on Redfin, others on candy corn grubs. Fish scattered so had to stay at it. Caught from 8 am to 4 pm so any tide in 2 - 3.5 ft. “

Folks can’t be any easier than that so Let’s Go Fishing!